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Based in Bangalore, Yogi Kids was born in 2011 out of love to share with children the way to find good health and joy – all within self. The innocent, cheerful days of childhood are waning out much too soon to pressures from school, peers and our own sense of competitiveness. Yoga is a way of life and our intent is to reach children in different spaces to introduce how Yoga can help us in every aspect of life. Our programs are designed to reach to children in group classes, schools, family activities and outdoor retreats.

The Yogi Kids Way

Yogi Kids way of teaching is interactive and fun with learning about sharing, respect for self and others and accepting self in a non-competitive way.

Children's Yoga Teacher Training workshop in Málaga, Spain - 27 & 28 April, 2018

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Our Programs

Yoga is an ageless art and science of life that developed over 5000 years ago by rishis and yogis in ancient India. Yoga works on the whole personality from physical to emotional, mental and spiritual level in a human being. We teach with belief in "All Life is Yoga". Our programs are designed to reach 360 degrees of a child's life from school to family and friends in form of regular classes, weekend workshops and outdoor retreats.

Yoga Retreats | Hridayam

This summer treat your kids to yogic fun! Hridayam is three day residential Yoga Retreat from 14 to 16 April 2017 at the foothills of Nandi Hills.

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Group Classes

Group classes are offered all round the year to keep a regular Yoga practice for children. The class is of one hour duration, designed to

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Family Yoga

When families come together to do Yoga, it is a time to just be with each other and let the joy of Yoga release the tensions.

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Our Teachers

We are a compact team looking to give authentic, holistic and intimate Yoga experience to children. We teach for the love of being with children so that our inner child comes alive.

Namita Sinha
Namita Sinha

Namita is trained in most renowned yoga traditions of India, Himalayan Yoga Tradition and Sivananda Yoga. She has over 1000 hours of teaching experience to children

Namita Sinha
Raksha Kothari
Raksha Kothari

Raksha Kothari is a trained Hatha Yoga Teacher, teaching to children with special needs at Prafull Oorja, Bangalore

Raksha Kothari

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